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Carson City County

8 Month Awarded Project List-2023


The NNOECC reviews project information and contract awards that typically involve the work of operating engineers and contractors who are signatory to the Operating Engineers Local 3.



  • 6 Complaints filed with the State of Nevada Office of the Labor Commissioner in 2022. Two complaints were upheld in favor of the NNOECC and four pending a determination.


  • 109 Project reviews/job site visits.


  • 24 Records Act Requests submitted.



Training and Outreach

  • Communicate compliance efforts and provide information to contractors and stakeholders on applicable federal and state laws and regulations and policy developments from various federal and state agencies to keep contractors informed about construction compliance.
  • Assess compliance-related educational needs and oversee and conduct training for contractors and other stakeholders to assist them on compliance issues.

Monitoring and Oversight

  • Monitor construction projects to ensure compliance with state prevailing wage requirements, federal Davis-Bacon wage requirements, and other applicable federal and state laws and regulations.
  • Conduct field work and visit and inspect construction projects and prepare reports and findings related to compliance efforts.

Complaints and Other Actions

  • File complaints and/or other actions with applicable federal and state agencies to enforce state prevailing wage laws, federal Davis-Bacon wage requirements, and other applicable federal and state laws and regulations.
  • Pursue opportunities to expand union market share through legislative and administrative advocacy, compliance efforts, and working cross-functionally with internal and external stakeholders and affiliated entities and community partners to ensure alignment on key initiatives.


Shannon M. Chambers became the Executive Director of Compliance for the Northern Nevada Operating Engineers Contract Compliance Trust Fund, Inc. on May 16, 2022.  Ms. Chambers served as the Nevada Labor Commissioner from 2014-2022 and previously worked in other positions for the State of Nevada, Nevada Legislature, and the State of California.  Ms. Chambers is a graduate of the University of Nevada Reno and Pepperdine Law School.